Ladies, here is your chance for a stay in Phoenix, a break in your winter routine, and an opportunity to serve all rolled into one.

If you would like to volunteer for a need, please fill out the form below.

Anne Putnam is coordinating the organization of the schedule, and working along with Pastor Karen Wallace on this part of the project. If you, or anyone you know is driving down, wanting to fly down to stay with Susie at her lodging, or otherwise participating, please contact her ASAP via the form below.

If you can’t travel, but would be happy to help Susie during meal times, please call Tara Safran 970 749 4840 ASAP. Meal times needed are listed in the Calendar above. 

Fields marked with an * are required

Thank you so much for volunteering. Anne will be in contact as soon as possible to let you know how and when you will be helping.

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