National Collection Week will be November 12th -19th. Won’t you consider filling some shoe boxes with love this year? Each box is a Gospel Opportunity and a way for you to personally give Jesus’ love to a child who may be suffering from war, poverty, disease, or natural disaster. Since 1993 more than 146 million different children in 150 countries and territories (including some here in the USA) have been touched by the power of these simple gifts, and this year the goal is 12 million more new children experiencing Good News and Great Joy! What goes in each box is fun, what comes out is eternal!

Last year at the Denver Processing Center some of the packed boxes went to Native American Reservations in AZ, NM & Mexico. FUMC collected 445 boxes – GREAT JOB! Our Four Corners collected 5,988 thru our Central Drop Off location here in the FUMC garage.

In 2017, Operation Christmas Child collected enough shoebox gifts to reach another 12 million children in countries like Peru, the Philippines, Rwanda and Ukraine. Nearly 11.5 million shoebox gifts were collected worldwide in 2016, with more than 9.1 million collected in the U.S.

In the entry hall, and for the next few weeks, you will notice volunteers dedicated to Operation Christmas Child (OCC). Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the project. You may fill shoeboxes you already have in your closet; buy unbreakable plastic boxes with lids (these are very useful to the children – we have some for $1); or take some fold-up boxes from the table while supplies last. Or, go to . There you can pack an on-line box, or print a label to follow your box. We have ideas for you at the table and there are information brochures with boy and girl labels for your boxes!

This is a great project to do with your own kids or grandkids. A child that shops for and packs a box unselfishly for another child will grow in compassion and the joy of giving. If you would like to help in other ways, please find or call Alana Ostrander at 970-382-1501. Stay tuned for more details, and get your shoeboxes ready to deliver right back here at FUMC between November 12th and November 19th.

For those who do not want to fill a whole box, there is a bin marked Operation Christmas Child, you are welcome to leave items there and we will use them at a Packing Party.

THANK YOU for packing your boxes.
OCC Project Leaders: Alana & Sean Ostrander
Collection Center Coordinator: CeCe Sallee
Area Coordinator, Four Corners Area: Sally Rowland

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