About Caring Ministries

Under the direction or our Pastor of Caring Ministry, Karen Wallace and a team of Caring Ministry leaders, volunteers offer spiritual care and support for individual needs on behalf of the whole congregation. Since it would be physically impossible for our pastors to meet all the needs in our large congregation, we follow the Biblical model of the early church by assigning tasks to those who are most gifted in that area. Our volunteers select the area that they feel is the best fit, and we provide training as needed.

We rely on members of the congregation to let us know about any needs. Call the church office at (970) 247-4213.

For more information about Caring Ministries, contact Pastor Karen Wallace, karen@fumcdurango.org, or Tina Trotter, tina@fumcdurango.org or (970) 903-0216.

To discuss volunteering with one of these ministries, contact Marcia Heidenreich, marciah@animas.net or (970) 259-9584.


Our Ministries

Cards and Notes

This team ministers through the written word, sending notes of encouragement, comfort and hope during difficult times. We want to let individuals facing illness, loneliness, or bereavement know that we care. For more information contact Sandy Turner, sandykt@frontier.net, or Marcia Heidenreich, marciah@animas.net.


End-of-Life Care

Our specially trained volunteers assist Pastor Karen to minister one-on-one with individuals nearing the end of life, as well as, with their families. Team members also assist the pastors at the time of funerals and are available for ongoing family support. For more information contact Tina Trotter, tina@fumcdurango.org or
(970) 903-0216, or Pastor Karen Wallace, karen@fumcdurango.org.


Hospital Ministry Team

Our trained volunteers take turns visiting identified members of the congregation who are in the hospital, offering words of encouragement, prayer and comfort as needed. Special visits may be scheduled prior to surgery. For more information, contact Marcie Bray, marcie.bray@me.com, or Sandy Turner, sandykt@frontier.net.


Meals Ministry

We can assist with meals on a short term basis when families are dealing with illness or other disruptions. For more information, contact Kristin Baker, db.inc@hotmail.com or Tina Trotter, tina@fumcdurango.org or (970) 903-0216.


Prayer Quilts

Volunteers make beautiful quilts for individuals facing serious illness or other major struggles. They are then brought to the church, where members of the congregation individually tie a knot on the quilt and say a prayer before it is delivered to the recipient. For more information, contact Toni Senters, (970) 764-4689 or (619) 647-1268, or Sandy Turner, sandykt@frontier.net.


Prayer Shawls and Baby Hats

Members of the Prayer Shawl and Baby Hat Ministry use their knitting or crocheting skills to create shawls and baby hats and bless them with prayer. We give the shawls to individuals who are struggling physically, emotionally, or spiritually. The baby hats are delivered to Mercy Regional Medical Center as gifts for newborns. For more information, contact Stacy Hannigan, timstacy1@hotmail.com, or Pastor Karen Wallace, karen@fumcdurango.org.


Prayer Team

As the church receives requests for prayer, they are forwarded confidentially to members of our Prayer Team, who then lift up each request by praying at home, typically for about a month. The team also prays for every member of the congregation on a rotating schedule. For more information, contact Anne Putnam, azputnam@frontier.net, or Celia Rothhaas, celia@fumcdurango.org or (970) 247-4213.


Silver Link

Members of the Silver Link team share regular friendly visits with our elderly members who are in care facilities or are homebound. We try to encourage social interaction and help folks know that the church still cares about them. For more information, contact Sandy Studer, sandydrgo@aol.com, or Marcia Heidenreich, marciah@animas.net.


Stephen Ministers

Stephen Ministers receive extensive training in order to provide confidential, one-to-one Christian care to individuals who are experiencing difficulties. This is not counseling, but rather walking alongside the care receivers at a critical time in their lives. For more information on becoming a Stephen Minister, or seeing a Stephen Minister for care, contact Cathy Schadt, gramcath@msn.com.


Worship Services at Area Care Homes

Volunteers help with monthly worship services for residents of Cottonwood Inn and Sunshine Gardens West to support the spiritual needs of individuals who are not able to get out for regular church services. For more information, contact Duane Heidenreich, heidd@animas.net, or Pastor Karen Wallace, karen@fumcdurango.org

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