December 31st:
I received word from Janelle Meyer that they have arrived safely.
“We all made it to Kenya and all is well. All of our bags made it and we are heading out to Spring Valley Slum Area soon for the day. Tomorrow we head to Obaga. Will send updates when we can.”

January 3rd:
Robb Bourdon and the team sent word from Kenya.
“Day 4 in the books. We built our second of two mud houses today. It is a very powerful experience for those of us who did this. The families who received the houses expressed their appreciation to our church in Durango and the members who have supported them. The medical clinic starts tomorrow and we expect to see upwards of 500 people. All is well so far. The the team is working hard and representing FUMC Durango very well.”

January 4th:
“300 people came to see us and this is usually the “small” day. The team divided up duties and worked side by side with Kenyan doctors, nurses, a pharmacist and translators. Many illnesses were seen ranging from headaches and stomach aches to those infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.
It is hard to believe our final day is tomorrow. The team is thankful for the prayers of our church. And we are grateful for the love and appreciation shown to us by our friends in Kenya.”

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