We all arrived safely Sunday night and are staying in Lumberton, TX at Woodcrest UMC. > > Monday morning we went to survey two job sites in Beaumont, TX so we could assess needs and assign teams. > > Three of our team members, Bruce, Rose and Liz headed to Miss Landa’s house to install seven interior doors and three sets of bi-fold doors. The owner, a sweet lady, 85 years young, told us her house was under four feet of water. The total house renovation is almost completed. Once the doors go in, the carpet will be professionally installed. > > Here is a picture of Liz cutting shims for door installation: > > > Job site two, was Fred’s house, and older gentlemen, who has lived in this home for over 50 years. Fred showed us pictures of his home where the water was up to the roof! He is currently living in a FEMA trailer that was placed in his front yard while his home is under renovation. > > Our team, Miles, John, Jim, Kay, Whitney, and Cheryl were to drywall the entire garage and finish the drywall in the sunroom. They got a good start today and will continue Tuesday. > > Here is a picture of their progress: > > > It is amazing to see the rebuilding that has occurred, but it will be a long time to bring it back to where it was. There are many vacant houses, FEMA trailers, and homes in various states of repair. > > The two owners we met today lost so much, but their attitude let’s them persevere and take one day at a time. They are seeing progress but at a slow pace. > > We are blessed to be able to help. > > From your Houston Mission Team. > > Sent from my iPad

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