We will be emailing out the giving statements for the first six months of the year sometime in the middle or end of the week of July 15th. The statements will cover the period of January 1 – June 30. Because of the way our database is set up, we can send statements to only one person in a household so if you don’t get one, check with your spouse or significant other as they may have received it. If you noticed any mistakes, please contact Robb or Lauren in the church office to make corrections so that we can be caught up to date. We only have about six different categories for donations, but obviously many more recipients than that so if you made a donation to Guatemala for instance, it will just go under General Missions. Please know that we would have allocated the money to Guatemala even if it doesn’t say that on the statement. Thanks for your faithful giving and we ask you to continue being mindful of the needs of our general budget in addition to all of the special funds we support during the year.

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