Our next Emmaus Gathering Potluck will be Monday, October 30.
We will be doing things a bit differently so please pay close attention
to the change in our time schedule:
6:15 Fellowship Hall – dropping off food for potluck, sign-in
6:30 Sanctuary – Communion service
7:15 Fellowship Hall – potluck, 4th day talk, any business, sharing
8:00-8:30 Adjournment
The Emmaus Community consists of all the persons in a locality who
have attended the Walk to Emmaus. Our gathering is a night to celebrate
God’s grace and to keep alive the enthusiasm for living everyday as a
walk with the risen Christ. Spouses and family members who have not
attended the Walk to Emmaus are welcome. Please bring your Workship
Booklet for Pilgrims, Nametag, and Cross.
We look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions please call
Toni Senters, 970 764-4236 or Susie Ragsdale, 602 689-0721

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