The Missions Finance Team has selected four organizations, two local and two international, to receive the proceeds from our Christmas offering this year.
The first organization is the Garden Project of Southwest Colorado which provides free, healthy foods for over 1,300 youth per year in their farm to school initiative and distributes over 6,000 pounds of food to needy families in cooperation with other groups such as our own church giving garden.
Next, is the Clean Water for Congo project which our church has supported for a few years. The funding for this will provide at least 10 new wells in the Congo and bring clean water to several thousand people.
Third, is the Animas Alano Club which provides a safe and convenient location for 27 different recovery groups as well as support for another 18 groups. Hundreds of community people are reached through this project each year.
Finally, we are supporting the Pastocalle ministry in Ecuador which is served by two of our church members, Ken and Michelle Jungerberg, who are serving as missionaries for the organization. Pastocalle is a Methodist church with a school and education center that serves the poor and needy in a rural part of the county. The support for them will go towards the completion of their school building, scholarships to help support children attending school at the church, and general education support.
You may make a donation to be split between all four groups by writing Christmas in your memo line or you can designate your contribution to a single one if you choose.

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