In conjunction with the City of Durango and the 10th Annual Clean Commute Week, for the first time there will be a Bike to Church event! In 2018 there were over 400 participants, 11 organizations, and 35 sponsors who logged almost 5000 clean commute trips during this week. Let’s do our part as church-goers to support this stewardship mission!

To join the Bike to Church event, meet at Rotary Park between 8:00-8:30am on Sunday June 23rd for a light breakfast of bagels, fruit, juice, etc. Join the community as we build bridges of support and exchange ideas on how to strengthen faith and heal those in need. Starting at 9:00 we will launch off on our bikes and ride to our respective churches!

Obviously it is understood that many of us live too far out to bike in. Driving in to Rotary is a fabulous option and then we can ride, walk, scooter, or skate from there. (If you do live close, lucky you! If you are driving in, consider carpooling!) We’re praying for a glorious blue sky day!

Bring your bike bell, your baskets, and your Sunday best, and join us in worshiping with wheels!

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