On behalf of Pastor Jeff and the rest of the staff at FUMC, we want everyone affected by the fire and all the firefighters and other officials who are working so hard to help those affected to know you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

If you are someone who is currently affected by the fire in any way, someone who might be affected soon by the fire, or someone who is interested in helping those who are affected, please take a minute to send an email to a special email we have created specifically for this purpose at 416fire@fumcdurango.org with your answers to the following questions.  If you are unable to use email please call the church office to share your answers at 970-247-4213 and leave a voicemail if nobody answers.

Questions for folks who have been affected or could soon be affected by the fire:

1. Have you already been evacuated from your home?

2. Are you currently on pre-evacuation notice?

3. If you answered yes to either question 1 or 2, is there anything you need help with right now?

4. Are you needing a place to stay right now or in the future? Please specify how many beds you need.

5. If you need a place to stay, do you have pets that would also need a place to stay? Please specify what kind of pets you own and what their needs are.

Questions for folks who might be able to help those affected:

1. Do you have an extra room or multiple extra rooms in your home for someone who has been evacuated and needs a place to stay?

2. Do you have the capacity for someone’s pets to stay at your home?  Please specify what pets would and would not be welcome.

3. Do you have extra storage space where someone who has been evacuated can store some of their belongings?  Please specify how much room you have.

4. Do you have the time and ability to help folks that need help moving their belongings?  Please specify what dates you are available to help.

5. Do you have a place that can be a backup plan for Pastor Steve Martyn to stay while he is filling in for Pastor Jeff and preaching here at FUMC Durango the month of July?  The place we had arranged for Steve to stay is in the evacuation zone so we’re not sure if it will be available by July or not at this time.

We will do our best to keep track of the needs as they are shared with us and pass those needs on to the folks who are able to help with those needs the best we can through the church office and some volunteers who are going to help with the coordination efforts in the days ahead.  Let us all continue to pray for those affected in so many ways by this fire and for safety for our wonderful firefighters and other officials who are working around the clock to limit the damage to structures and prevent the loss of any lives.

Prayers & Blessings to All,

Jake Forsythe-Ministry Program Director

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